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Are Cheap High Heels Shoes Really Cheap?

When you hear the words “cheap high heels shoes” what do those words bring to mind? In my mind I see a warehouse loaded with cases up on cases of boxes filled to the brim with $20.00 to $40.00 shoes. . An average case of shoes usually hold 18 pair of shoes so, I am talking about 1,000’s of pair. The aisle average about 2 foot at most. The place is a warehouse, so much so they don’t even use shelving but just stack the cases on the cement (or dirty carpet) flooring. Not a nice elegant retail outlet by any means.

On the outside of the cases it’s stamped Made in China or Hong Kong or even Thailand. Many but not all are all being made in 3rd world countries at a very low cost and shipped on giant ships that are out to sea for months before arriving in the US. When they arrive in customs they sit drying out from their moist ride on the ship waiting to be inspected by customs. This process can go fairly quickly or can take weeks. Finally the shoes are delivered to the manufacturer’s warehouse. Then finally from there are available to retailers to purchased for their stores.

I say retailer because yes, that warehouse with all the cases in the floor, they are a retailers, just like the fancy store located in the name brand local outlet mall or nice shoes store located in the local shopping mall in most every city, the high end boutiques usually in the strip shopping centers in some of the upper end neighborhoods. Most of these retail stores are buying from the manufacturer who had most, if not all their styles made overseas. Are all of the retailers paying the same price? Well the answer is no.

Depending on quantities being purchased, some of the manufacturers are offered a discount which they can pass on to their customers or not. That warehouse store probably is but not always. The warehouse store Clearance And Close out High Heel Shoes And bootsmany times will also purchase what are called closeout specials. Closeout specials are usually items being sold at an additional discount off of the original wholesale price. These items are usually last season’s styles and did not sell through. Manufacturers are, let’s just say, stuck with item that don’t completely sell out. The manufacturer has to figure out what styles they are going to continue with going into the next season and which ones they are not. The styles that don’t make the cut are then offered to retailer shops at discounted prices. There are many times even with the 1st discounted offer the manufacturer still can’t sell them all so again they discount the price even lower. The manufacturer does this over and over again until all of the sizes and colors in each style are finally sold out. The manufacturers yells hooray and the retail store now has merchandise they purchased, many times at deep discounts and have the choice of selling them at the regular price, offering them during a sale or simply passing the deal they got onto the consumer which means you.

Does this mean that every time you see a sale sign or ad in your email box that the styles being offered are discontinued stock that the retailers just are trying to get rid of? By all means NO! There are many time the retail store whether it’s a warehouse store, fancy boutique or online retailer, run sales and discount on some or their entire inventory just to boost business and offer our customers a way to save some money. As a retailer business we all want our customers to be happy with their purchase, because we know if they are happy they will come back and make another purchase with us in the future.

There are many times you might also see the words liquidation sale or warehouse clearance sale. So are they the same? Liquidation sales in usually one where the store is liquidating most if not all of their merchandise. This can be for many reasons but in most cases it is because the store has to file bankruptcy because they cannot pay their bills. It’s unfortunate but this happens way to many times in this day and times. A clearance sale is usually one where the store is offering a discounted price on a portion of their inventory. This can because part of their inventory did not sell out completely in the cases of high heels shoes, there are time we will buy a styles but for some reason or another the style all sold out and they are stuck with say 4 pair in size 6 shoes or many they end up with item that have been returned leaving them with just 1` or 2 pair of a certain style that has now been discontinued. Whatever the case or how they ended up with what could be call dead inventory they have a clearance sale offering a good discount to those customers that like what they are offering. Clearance sales are usually a good deal for the consumer if they find anything being offered that they like. Do we ever see signs saying CHEAP HIGH HEELS? Well, I’ll put it this way, as an online retail business I know we have many customers that find our website by putting the words “cheap heels” into a search, but I don’t remember ever seeing a advertisement run by any retail business using the word “cheap”. It makes their products sound… well, cheap which leads to the conclusion that they are low quality which they probably aren’t but that what that word sounds like.

No retailer is going to use that word, but when our customers put “cheap high heels” into the search box are they look for low quality or an inexpensive price? We all know that answer. They are looking to save money. So hopefully you can now understand the processes that the retail business whether online or a brick and mortar store deal with on a daily basis.

With all of the hoopla around today just selling anything online is even getting more difficult with many online store offering free shipping which it great for the retail customers but not always the best for the retailer selling the shoes or any other product for that matter but, this is a subject for a different article.


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