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We've got The Sexy High Heel Shoes you want. From 2 inch Bedroom slippers all he way to 8 inch Platforms. All colors and all styles from simple to exotic.

So, the question is what high heel height is going to work best for you as apposed to what you think you want. Heel height is a funny thing. We all know that anything over 2 1/2 inches is not usually recommended some in the medical profession but, the truth is we all love a sexy high heel shoes. The taller the better until we put them on. So what is the right heel height for you?

3 3/4 inch and lower
3 3/4 inch and lower
4 1/2 Inch
5 inch
5 1/4 inch
5 1/2 inch
5 3/4 inch
6 inch
6 1/2 inch
6 3/4 inch
7 inch
7 1/2 inch
8 inch and higher
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