Glossary of Shoe Terms

There are many terms that are used when describing the high heel shoes listed on our website. Hope this will help our customer in understand our description fully. If there is a term that is not listed and you want to know what it is then just send me an email and I will be glad to answer your question and add it to the list of terms.

Altocalciphilia: The term given to somebody that has a fetish with high heeled shoes
Ankle High Boots: A boot that only reaches the ankle in height.
Ankle High Platform Boots: A boot that reaches the ankle in height but will have
a platform sole which can vary in height.
Ankle Strap: These type of shoes can include either a single strap or multiple straps that are adjustable for added comfort and security between the foot and shoe.
Ankle wrap / Ankle Tie: This is longer than an Ankle Strap and can be wrapped
around the lower leg or calf .
Arch: Also known as the instep - the arch is the point between your heel and at the rear of your foot and the toes at the front of the foot. It's the part that when you stand flat on the floor the part that doesn't touch the floor. This is not to say that everyone has an arch. There are people that are what is called flat footed.
Baby dolls: Based on shoes worn by smaller / younger girls with a rounded square frontage
for your toes.
Ballet heels: These are more of a fetish footwear that manages to merge a point shoe with a high heel.  The tall long heels on this footwear gives the ballerina effect.
Ballet shoes: This is a very light shoe worn by dancers known as ballerinas.
Ballet Shoes/boots: A favorite fetish footwear that allows you to stand on the very tip of your toes to give the effect of a ballerina.
Ballerina Flat: Come with a flat heel and closed toe - very similar to a slipper
Bedroom shoes: Shoes with an exceptionally high heel that can be extremely difficult to walk on. Many high heels are called bedroom shoes but probably the most popular would be the marabou feather slides.
Bootie: Essentially an all in one boot that covers the entirety of the foot up and over the ankle bone.
Chunky Heels: High heels that are considerably thinker that your normal thinner stiletto.
Clear Platforms: Shoes that have the platform heels which are normally clear - ie
made of a clear plastic or perspex type of material
Closed Toe: A high heeled shoe with closed frontage so that all toes are completely covered up
Cone Heels: Very similar to a stiletto heel except that the bridge out into a cone effect rather then a point.
Court Shoes: Usually of a low cut front style and without any fastenings.
Cowboy Boots: Usually made of cowhide leather and with a low walking cuban heel.  Can come in various designs .
Dangling: If you are seated and your shoe slips onto your toes in a kind of dangling effect.
D'Orsay: Similar to the pump - has very low cut sides so that the instep of the foot can be seen.
Elevator Shoes: Contain thickened insoles under the heel which allows the person wearing the shoe to appear taller.
Espadrille: A summer favorite which is normally made of a synthetic material to keep the foot well aired and is light to wear. Many times will look like rope wrap around the wedge heel.
Fetish shoes: Commonly use a very high heel and can vary in shoe type.
Flat Footed: A term used when the arch falls and the foot becomes flat or almost entirely flat to the floor.
Footbed: Is more commonly known as the insole Part of the sle of the shoe where the bottom on the foot sits on.
Foot training: By starting with low heels and slowly working your way through to high heels - this is a way of getting your foot used to the feel, etc.
Hidden Platform: Similar to elevator shoes in that they use a thickened sole which is effectively hidden from view at the side. Usually cover with the same material as the upper part of the shoe.
Insole: These are commonly inserts within the shoe that can be easily removed and replaced when worn down..
Instep: This can also be referred to as the arch which is the part of the foot (middle) between the toes and heel at the back of the foot.
Lace Up: Footwear that have material / leather attached that requires tying around the foot or leg - also know as lacing up
Laces: These are commonly used as a way of securing the footwear to the foot.
Light Up Platforms: Very similar to clear platforms except that the platforms contain small battery powered lights!!
Kitten heels: A modern day classic which are sometimes referred to as stilettos, but the kitten heel is usually only about 1 to 2 inches in height.
Knee High Boots: Boots that go as far as the lower knee in height that DO NOT have a platform sole.
Knee High Platform Boots: Boots that go as far as the lower knee in height that DO have a platform sole.
Mary Jane: This is a shoe is a shoe simiular to a Babydoll Pump but has a strap that goes across the top of the foot whch help hold them on.
Metal Platforms: A modern twist on the good old platform which instead uses thin steel.
Mules: Very similar styling to the clog with no back end.  Can occasionally be open-toed.. Mules are often called slides or slip-ons because you can slide them on and off.
Open Toe: Ideal for the warmer weather - this style leaves the toes on show.
Over-the Knee Boot: Very similar to knee high boots except that the go up and over the knee.
Oxford: The oxford shoe is a type of shown which is commonly made of leather with laces uses to secure the footwear. Very popular back in the 50's school girl attire.
Pedicure: A favorite with the ladies as a beauty treatment and enhances the look of  your feet.
Platform high heel:  Used for added height and similar to standard high heels except with one small twist - there is a heel at the front of the shoe too.
Pointed Toe: This is a style of shoe that makes your foot look very long and painted.
Pumps: This is a very low wearing and comfortable shoe.. competely enclose but usually has a more pointed to than a babydoll pump.
Round Toe: Again refers to the front of the shoe - and when it appears to have been rounded off.
Slide: This type of shoe will most often be without a back.
Sling-back: These can excellent for summer wear and very similar to the sandal shoe type - set apart by a strap across the heel.
Slip On's: same as a mule. This is any style that you can slip on and off easily.
Spike Heels: These are very similar to stilettos in that the have a very thin and high heel.
Stacked Heels: These are heels made of various layers of material to give the stacked effect.
Stiletto Heel: A very long and tall, thin heel. Very popular and fashionable.
T-Strap: This is usually a closed top type shoe that has strapy on top of the foot that make a T One strap straight up the middle of the foot then forming an ankle strap around the ankle.
Tap: The part of the heel that wears down the bottom of the heel.
Thigh High Boots: Boots that run up and over the knee up to the thigh in height and DO NOT have a platform sole.
Thigh High Platform Boots: Boots that run up and over the knee up to the thigh in height and DO have a platform sole.
Thong: Commonly seen on flip flops at the beach as they use a v-shape between your big toe and second toe to keep the shoe intact.
Toe Box: This is the front of a shoe that is shaped like a box and holds your toes.
Toe cleavage: A favorite amongst the fetish types as part of the toes are left on display.
Vamp: Is a term used for toes that remain covered up by the footwear..
Width: Commonly known as the width of the shoe and has a well known standard method of measurement.
Wedge Heel: The heel runs as far as the middle of the shoe to create a wedge effect.
Woods: These tend to be platform shoes only made from wood rather than other materials.


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