Wide Width High Heels

Wide Width High Heels Now.
High Heels in wide widths in shoes and boots
Sexy Crossdresser Shoes

We are so excited! Finally one of our manufacturer, Has answered the need for more wide width high heel shoes.
If you have wide feet, you're all too familiar with the disappointment felt in searching high and low for a pair of heels that fits well. We also know that many men who are looking for crossdresser shoes - transvestite heels need high heels in wide width and larger size shoes.  We have them. If you have been finding it a difficult task finding  seductive party shoes for a big event, we have them. Fortunately, it's not a lost cause. Now, I grant you, the styles are limited but at least it is a start. As most of you know almost every high heel that we sell is a standard medium "B" width. It's not just shoes either. There are wide width ankle boots in canvas and white patent heels. I found knee boots with that wider shaft for those of you that have been wanting some sexy boots but they were always to small for their calves. Wide Width Pirate Boot with buckles or ribbons will match many of our costumes and black and white gangster looking heels that can be worn not only with your Halloween costume but also for every day use. There are even red glitter shoes for your wizard of oz costume and then could be worn again as a formal Christmas party shoes. All the shoes range from 2 inch heels up to a few of them with a 4 inch heel.
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